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A facelift is just one of the facial plastic surgery procedures offered at Gaines Plastic Surgery in Gainesville, Florida. Depending on a patient’s needs, a facelift may be performed in combination with another procedure such as rhinoplasty or eyelid surgery in order to ensure a comprehensive, natural-looking facial rejuvenation.

About Facelifts

A number of different factors can cause a person’s face to develop noticeable wrinkles and lose their youthful appearance. Some of these factors include sun damage, stress, and the effects of gravity. A facelift also referred to as a rhytidectomy, is performed to reverse the signs of aging by tightening facial muscles and removing excess fat and sagging tissue of the face. During a consultation at our Gainesville, Florida practice, we can determine if a facelift is the best solution for you or if you can benefit from another procedure, such as a Restylane® or BOTOX® injection or perhaps structural fat grating to the jawline, cheekbones or lips. We can also determine if a combination of facial rejuvenation procedures would be best to meet your specific aesthetic needs.

Why get a facelift at Gaines Plastic Surgery?

Patients of Gaines Plastic Surgery can expect to receive personalized care that is tailored to their needs and preferences. Facelift surgery may be a common procedure, but it is anything but standard. Every one of our patients has a thoughtful conversation with Dr. Gaines when exploring facial rejuvenation. Every person is not the same, so every facelift cannot be the same. The personalization of this procedure is what makes it so effective at achieving amazing results.

Dr. Gaines can help you look young and refreshed with a facelift procedure. A facelift involves tightening the skin and muscles of the face to reduce wrinkles. This procedure is often combined with injectable treatments or cheek augmentation for a balanced result.

"If I had to give Dr. Gaines and his staff a grade for facial work, it would be A++. Every interaction I had with them was professional and caring. Dr. Gaines is superb. First and foremost, he is a top-notch facial surgeon, as evidenced by his attention to detail. He studies your face carefully, and formulates a plan to make you look like yourself–only 10 or 20 years younger. You will not turn into a goon or a startled, stretched caricature of yourself. The surgery he does is complex but minimally invasive. It leaves virtually no telltale signs because the scars are tiny and disappear into the hairline. Second, he takes many precautions to prevent post-op complications (which I have seen become serious in patients elsewhere), including strategically-timed post-op checks…He has many years of experience, and it shows. You can’t go wrong with Dr. Gaines. He is an architect of the face who gets marvelous results."

- Ona

What are the benefits of a facelift?

Several improvements can be made with a surgical facelift. Each improvement, such as a reduction in jowls and enhanced sharpness of the jawline, is beneficial. However, we believe that the true benefits of a facelift are beyond specific improvements.

When a person has a facelift, we see a new light in their eyes. They feel like themselves again and feel more empowered to face their aging process gracefully. A facelift achieves results that last many years. Sometimes, patients who undergo a facelift never have other procedures done. Sometimes, only nonsurgical touch-ups like dermal fillers or Botox are sought to maintain a more youthful appearance.

Who are the ideal candidates for a facelift?

Ultimately, having a facelift is a very personal decision. The role of your plastic surgeon is to provide you with information and guidance based you your skin condition and desired outcome. Good facelift candidates typically have the following characteristics:

  • Good physical health. Any surgical procedure can be taxing on the body. Healing and recovery are necessary after surgery, and the better health a patient is in, the better they heal.
  • Good skin condition. Skin that is flexible and elastic, that can “bounce back” when pinched or gently pulled, does better after surgery. Extensive sun damage or tissue breakdown due to smoking can diminish the condition of the skin and impact the outcome of facelift surgery.
  • Bone structure. The appearance of the face is affected not only by skin and muscle but by underlying bone structure. This helps give the mid-face contour. While the diminished bone structure may not diminish the effects of a facelift, it may require additional techniques, such as cheek augmentation, to achieve the desired outcome.
  • Realistic expectations. One of the reasons Dr. Gaines invests so much time with patients in the consultation is because he wants to set clear expectations about what a facelift can achieve. The results of a facelift should be imperceptible. You should look refreshed and younger but not “done.”

The Facelift Procedure

During a facelift, the surgeon makes discreet incisions hidden along a patient’s hairline. These incisions may extend from the temple following along the contour around and behind the ear. Once the incisions are made, the skin is lifted, allowing the surgeon access to the deeper, so-called “SMAS” plane of facial ligaments and muscles. It is the manipulation of this second plane by Dr. Gaines that allows for restoration of stability to the deep support structures of the face affected by age and gravity. This manipulation may be carried out by means of tightening with sutures (plication), or through lifting, excising, and tightening these muscles and ligaments (lateral SMAS-ectomy). Once that is complete, the skin is re-draped and adjusted and the incisions are closed. When you visit our practice in Gainesville, Florida, the facelift will be tailored to meet your needs. The surgical approach to each patient is adjusted to meet that patient’s unique individual anatomy. The final surgical plan will be decided upon by the patient and Dr. Gaines during the preoperative consultation visit.

What Is the Dual Plane Facelift Technique?

At Gaines Plastic Surgery, Dr. Gaines will use the dual-plane facelift technique to achieve natural-looking, long-lasting results. This technique involves tightening two layers of the skin: the outermost layer and the SMAS layer, to make the face look younger and rejuvenated. The SMAS layer of the skin, also known as the muscle layer, can be thought of as a tissue sheet of collagen and elastin that fuel the muscles connected to the cheek. This layer also contains fat cells that lead up to the neck and forehead.

By tightening both layers of skin, this technique is designed to address signs of aging that can occur deep within the face, such as jowls, marionette lines, and sagging cheeks. Once the appearance of these conditions is eliminated through the lifting and tightening of two layers of skin, Dr. Gaines is able to achieve a lifted, refreshed facial look for patients.

How Is the Dual Plane Technique Better than a Traditional Facelift?

The dual plane technique provides longer-lasting results than a traditional facelift, as it provides a lifted appearance to more than one layer of skin on the face. Facelifts using the dual plane technique are best for patients who are beginning to see very early signs of aging as this technique can prevent jowls and sagging in the conditions. However, the dual plane technique is also a beneficial procedure for older patients who want to eliminate deeper signs of aging on the face that form due to muscle contraction in the cheeks, jaw, and forehead. Because the dual face technique targets the facial muscles as well as the skin, patients can enjoy their lifted look for over a decade before needing a follow-up treatment.

How Long Will My Facelift Results Last?

Results from a facelift using the deep plane technique will be seen around six months after the procedure took place. After this time, patients will be able to notice a rejuvenating transformation of their facial appearance that can last up to 15 years. With the proper care and the right skin routine patients can enjoy their newly lifted look for almost a lifetime. Wearing sunscreen daily can be a huge factor in preserving the appearance of your results.

Although a facelift can make patients look younger, it will not prevent natural aging from occurring. Over time patients may notice changes in their face as their body ages. When this occurs, Dr. Gaines will be more than willing to welcome returning patients back for a follow-up procedure to help maintain your desired results.

After Facelift Surgery

Following a facelift, a patient can expect to experience bruising and swelling for the first week to two weeks. A certain degree of tenderness and numbness of the skin is also normal following a facelift. The team at our Gainesville, Florida practice can provide more detailed instructions for facelift post-surgical care, but in general, we advise patients to refrain from any strenuous physical activity during the first two weeks. We also advise patients to avoid alcoholic beverages, saunas, and steam baths for several months after surgery to help the body’s natural healing process.

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How much does facelift surgery cost?

The cost of a facelift can vary for each patient because the treatment plan is customized to meet specific needs. Each surgical procedure is planned according to the concerns discussed in the consultation. Some patients have only a minor facelift while others undergo a facelift and neck lift or facelift and eyelid rejuvenation. It is common to combine procedures to maximize results and minimize costs. The cost of your treatment can be discussed once you have determined the procedure or procedures that you would like to have.

Are facelifts safe?

Facelift surgery is a safe and common way to address the signs of aging on the lower portion of the face. The procedure should only be performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon with proper training and licensure. Facelift surgery is one of Dr. Gaines’ specialties. His training and experience allow patients to undergo the most minimally-invasive surgeries with the least amount of risk possible.

Are facelifts painful?

Facelift procedures are performed using appropriate anesthesia to block pain receptors in the treatment area. Patients feel no pain during their procedure and remain quite comfortable for several hours afterward, while the anesthesia gradually wears off. After that time, the prescription pain medication should be taken as directed to maintain comfort during the early days of recovery.

Schedule a Facelift Consultation

It is important to schedule a consultation at our practice to discuss the facelift procedure and the risks and benefits involved. The team at Gaines Plastic Surgery will gladly answer your questions and address your concerns. We will help determine if you are a good candidate for a facelift and, whenever possible, will also suggest alternative treatments that can meet your unique goals.

To schedule an appointment at our Gainesville, Florida practice for a facelift consultation, contact Gaines Plastic Surgery today.

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