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Mommy Makeover

Mommy Makeover Gainesville, FL

It is common and advisable to combine surgical procedures into one day if possible. This can often reduce the cost of surgery and reduces the time spent recovering. One of the most common procedure combinations is the Mommy Makeover which pairs a breast lift or augmentation with a tummy tuck.

Pregnancy takes a toll on the body, which is sometimes evidenced by loose or hanging skin, stretch marks, and the presence of a diastasis (separation of abdominal wall muscles). The Mommy Makeover addresses all of the above postpartum concerns in one operation. Combining a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) with a breast lift is a popular procedure because rather than taking the time to recover from two separate surgeries or undergo anesthesia twice, you will only have to fully “experience” surgery once.

A Mommy Makeover is most commonly a breast lift and tummy tuck performed on the same day. During a breast lift, Dr. Gaines will reposition your breast tissue higher on the chest wall, as well as elevating your areolar position on your breasts. Breast lifts are typically a less difficult surgery to recover from, but we do ask that you refrain from pushing or pulling for at least 2 weeks, with further restrictions on vigorous activity for at least 6 weeks. We will be able to provide more in-depth post-operative instructions at your consultation and pre-operative appointments.

A tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, is the other procedure that is typically performed during a Mommy Makeover. A tummy tuck involves both muscle repair and removal of excess skin. Dr. Gaines will check for the presence of muscle separation due to pregnancy and evaluate whether you have enough skin overhang to warrant excision. Recovery from a tummy tuck is similar to a breast lift in that it is recommended that you refrain from vigorous activity for at least 6 weeks following this procedure.

Candidates for a Mommy Makeover are women who are done having children, are at their goal weight, and are in generally good health. Good candidates will also have loose or hanging skin on their breasts and abdomen that they would like removed, and may have a diastasis, or loosening of the abdominal wall tissue, present as a result of the abdomen expanding during pregnancy. The best way to know if you are a candidate for a Mommy Makeover is to book a consultation with Dr. Gaines so he can do a physical examination and determine what cosmetic plan would be best for your unique aesthetic goals.

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