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Has your hair lost volume over the years? A full, healthy head of hair is a source of confidence for many of us. Today, advancements in hair restoration have helped many to once again enjoy the confidence a full head of hair can provide.

At Gaines Plastic Surgery, we offer several hair restoration options for men and women.

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Dr. Greg Gaines, a specialist in the field of hair restoration, offers hair transplant surgery at our Gainesville practice. Learn more about your options by scheduling a consultation with us today.

Am I a candidate?

As an accredited member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, Dr. Gaines has years of experience helping patients look and feel their best.

The first step in exploring your hair restoration options begins with a thorough examination at our office. Dr. Gaines will determine the unique causes of your hair loss and rate your severity of balding using the Norwood Classification Scale for Hair Loss (or, for our female patients, the Ludwig Scale). Using this information, Dr. Gaines will determine a treatment plan that will best address your particular type and pattern of balding.

Dr. Gaines exercises conservative treatment methods to preserve existing hair. We offer effective medical treatments that slow hair loss and encourage new growth. With the use of products like minoxidil and finasteride, patients can begin to regrow hair in just a few months.

Hair transplant surgery can address more serious hair loss, and is best-suited for patients who have been classified between one and five (out of 10) on the Norwood Classification Scale. Candidates often experience more severe hair loss on the crown, or top, of the heads, but typically have a sufficient amount of hair on the back or sides of the head for the harvesting of transplant hairs.

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What is Follicular Unit Transplantation?

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Dr. Gaines specializes in follicular unit transplant (FUT). FUT can transfer several follicles at a time, and has a number of advantages over single-unit transplant (FUE).

Each step of FUT is performed manually.

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Dr. Gaines first harvests a strip of hairs from the back or side of a patient’s head, and uses a microscope to separate individual “follicular units” from the tissue. Hair on the scalp naturally grows together in these small groups. Each unit contains between one to four hairs which will be transplanted together.

Harvesting units of hair follicles, rather than individual hairs, allows Dr. Gaines to place a greater number of implants in a shorter amount of time. The individual unit grafts can also be placed with more detail in smaller sections, so Dr. Gaines can distribute the transplants more evenly across a patient’s head. During the procedure, Dr. Gaines will periodically evaluate the state of the patient’s scalp, placing the follicles in a way that looks completely natural, and blends seamlessly with his or her hairline.

Following transplantation, hair follicles will take up to a year to fully heal and become rooted in the scalp. Dr. Gaines encourages our patients to return for regular visits so he can check that each graft is growing properly and healing free of complications.

Benefits of the Procedure

Many patients not only experience cosmetic benefits as a result of their hair transplant, but also report increased confidence in their personal and professional lives. Hair restoration can make you look years younger. Once healed, these hair transplants can be treated just like your natural hair, because it is. You can shampoo, brush and style your improved head of hair as normal.

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Dr. Gaines’ unparalleled level of care and innovative methods of hair restoration have helped improve the confidence of hundreds of our patients. For more information on hair loss solutions tailored to meet your needs, contact our office today.

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