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Improve Your Skin for 2022 with Morpheus8

confident handsome guy touching with shaved flawless clean soft skin after morning shaving

If you’re reading blogs on Dr. Gaines’ website, you’ve no doubt heard of microneedling for improving your skin through hundreds of tiny punctures. And you’ve likely heard of radiofrequency energy being used to tighten the skin and stimulate collagen production. What if you went all Mad Scientist and combined microneedling with deeply delivered RF energy? […]

Have Santa Bring You a Flat Abdomen

Handsome young man in blue jeans with naked torso

If you’re over 35 or 40, just about everyone has at least some degree of a stomach pooch. If you’re a mom and have had a couple children, it’s almost a certainty. Same is true if you’ve gained and then lost a good deal of weight. The skin and underlying muscles have been stretched to […]

Who Says Smile Lines are Funny?

The holidays are coming up faster than a Percy Harvin end around from the Gator past. After the craziness of last year’s COVID separation, we’re all ready to fill our social calendar this year with parties, dinners, and any other excuse to see people in person rather than on Zoom or FaceTime.   But maybe […]

Are Your Upper Arms Scary?

Photo of a young attractive woman touching her arm, dry or dehydrated skincare concept

This month everything’s a little bit more frightening. Gator games with LSU and Georgia. Friday the 13th marathons on AMC. Wondering if you’ve purchased enough candy to get you through the onslaught of miniature ghouls and goblins sure to trick or treat at your house. That’s scary!  And those upper arms…  It’s true. If you’ve […]

What About that Junk Under Your Jawline?

woman smiling

There are a few famous double chins out there. Think Alfred Hitchcock or Rodney Dangerfield or Orson Welles.   In reality, almost anyone can have a double chin. Don’t believe it? Do a Google search on “Celebrity Double Chins” and prepare to be surprised! The clinical term is submental fullness. And in the aesthetic world, […]

Addressing Aging in the Midface — the Facelift

Young woman touching her face

Facelifts have long been a staple of the cosmetic surgery world. The first documented facelift was performed in Berlin in 1901. Sometimes in the past there have been cases of celebrities getting a less than good job. If you’re a little older, you may remember Frank Gifford coming back to Monday Night Football one fall […]

Women are Happy with their Augmentation Surgery

Every year in the U.S. around 300,000 women opt to have breast augmentation. Augmentation is consistently the most popular cosmetic surgery. That’s true for Dr. Gaines’s practice, as well.  Dr. Gaines likes for his patients to have as much information as possible about the surgeries and other treatments we provide. To that end, this month […]

You Can Regrow Your Own Hair

Whether you’re a man or a woman, no one likes to see more and more hair on their brush in the morning. While men usually have areas that become fully bald, women tend to suffer from universal thinning hair that starts along the part line.  This has long been an area of some questionable infomercial […]

Sagging Breasts Can Make for Sagging Spirits

As we age, everything sags; it’s just a part of normal aging. But for a woman, one especially unwelcome area where sagging occurs is her breasts. With the passing years, our breasts flatten, lose volume (especially toward the upper breast), and the nipples can even begin to point downward. If you’ve had a child or […]

Could Spring Mean Longer Eyelashes?

Some women naturally have long, dark eyelashes. Don’t you just hate them? For the rest of us, it’s mascara, eyeliner, and maybe even false eyelashes to get the look we want. But what if there was a way to actually grow your eyelashes longer and thicker? And what if you wouldn’t have to sell your […]