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Reverse Tummy Tuck

Reverse Tummy Tuck Surgery

A Reverse Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck), as the name suggests, reverses the direction of tension applied to the abdomen at the time of surgery, pulling excess skin upwards (towards the head) rather than downwards, towards the feet. Reverse Tummy Tuck surgery is indicated for patients who are bothered with excess skin on the upper abdomen, sometimes years after a full abdominoplasty, or following a generous weight loss. Some women who benefit from this operation may jokingly refer to a “second, smaller set of breasts” just below their bra.

An incision is made below the breasts that will hide in the inframammary folds. Excess skin on the upper abdomen is removed and the tissues are tightened. This creates a smooth, flat contour on the upper abdomen and can further accentuate the waist. During a reverse tummy tuck, the bellybutton is not repositioned, though it is common for the shape to change, from a deeper, horizontal shape to a more youthful, oval-shaped appearance. Patients with a large amount of redundant skin who need to have their navel addressed may opt for a Full Abdominoplasty. Patients who have already had a conventional abdominoplasty in the past may also benefit from a “touch-up”, adding a mini-tuck of the lower abdomen through a small portion of their existing abdominoplasty scar.

A Reverse Tummy Tuck will only address skin laxity on the upper abdomen. Good candidates for reverse tummy tuck should be:

  • patients who are at their goal weight,
  • have a BMI under 36,
  • are non-smokers,
  • are not planning on becoming pregnant, AND
  • have excess skin on their upper abdomen above the navel

If you have ever taken your hands and pulled the skin on your upper abdomen up towards your breasts and felt that this maneuver solved most of the aesthetic issues you have with your abdomen, you are likely a good candidate for this operation.

A consultation with Dr. Gaines can help you decide which procedure is right for you to reduce an unsatisfactory abdomen contour.

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