Five Signs it’s Time for a Facelift

5559763 There are many cosmetic treatments that can address the signs of facial aging and restore a more refreshed and youthful appearance, but few are as well-known as the facelift, which smooths, lifts, and tightens the skin of the face. Not only is a facelift one of the most popular cosmetic treatments, but most people plan ahead for it, with many declaring they’ll have a “facelift at forty,” or a “facelift at fifty.” However, deciding when it’s a good time for a facelift goes well beyond a person’s physical age. As with any cosmetic procedure, candidacy for a facelift should be determined based on physical characteristics. In the case of a facelift, patients should consider the condition of the facial skin and underlying muscle structure. Below are five signs that it’s time for a facelift at our Gainesville, FL practice, Gaines Plastic Surgery.

1. Significant Lines, Creases, and Wrinkles around the Mid and Lower Face

As patients age, they are likely to notice lines, wrinkles, and creases developing in the facial skin. Without treatment, these lines are likely to get deeper, eventually forming significant creases that are difficult to treat without cosmetic surgery. It is common for these wrinkles and creases to develop around the mid and lower face. Some of these wrinkles are described as smile lines, marionette lines, and frown lines. During facelift surgery, excess skin and fatty tissue are removed so that the skin can be redraped. This tightens the skin, effectively diminishing these unwanted creases.

2. Creases around the Eyelids

Many people think of a facelift as a way to improve the tone of the skin around the mid and lower face, but a complete facelift can also address signs of aging on the upper face. A facelift uses an incision that starts at the hairline and extends around the ears, so imperfections in the skin around the eyes can also be treated through this procedure. However, if patients wish to address the upper and lower eyes, they may be better suited to eyelid surgery.

3. Loose, Sagging Skin on the Cheeks and Neck

As skin elasticity is lost and gravity takes effect, patients will notice the skin beginning to sag. In most cases, this loose skin falls between the cheeks and the neck, creating an imperfection known as jowls. Jowls are the particularly loose and fleshy part of the lower cheek. Jowls can be quite significant, even extending below the neckline. During facelift surgery, excess skin and fatty tissue can be removed, while remaining skin is lifted. This tightens the skin of the mid and lower face and eliminates the appearance of hanging jowls.

4. Loss of Muscle Tone and Facial Structure

Loose skin is not the only imperfection that affects the appearance of the face. As patients age, many experience a loss of muscle tone. This leads to undefined facial features, sagging, and an overall loss of facial structure. Tightening the skin can improve the appearance of the face, but it only does so much. To truly reverse the signs of aging, the facial muscles must also be addressed. During facelift surgery, the underlying facial muscles are manipulated to improve muscle tone and restore firmness and definition to the facial structure.

5. A Double Chin and Fatty Deposits around the Neck

Aging often brings on an excess of fatty deposits. In the face, those fatty deposits tend to be collected around the very bottom of the face (the chin), as well as along the upper neck. This can give the appearance of a double chin, and also often develops into folds and creases along the neck. A facelift gets rid of these fatty deposits and tightens the skin to smooth out the neck, eliminate creases, and restore a well-defined chin.

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