How Effective Is FUT Hair Transplantation Surgery?

When considering a hair transplant, you are likely debating between the follicular unit transplant (FUT) and follicular unit extraction (FUE) methods. We believe that an FUT hair transplant presents several key advantages over the FUE technique, which is why we’ve chosen it as our premier form of hair transplantation at Gaines Plastic Surgery.

FUT Success Rate

Hair transplantation success rates vary based on the number of follicles placed, individual bodies, and the type of and severity of hair loss an individual experiences. FUT has historically been highly successful in restoring hair growth at the transplant site. Typical graft survival rates are over 90%, though long-term longevity can decline in some patients.

Dr. Gaines carefully considers each patient’s unique circumstances to determine whether FUT would be a meaningful investment for them. You may be an ideal candidate for this type of hair transplantation surgery if:

  • You are over 25 years old. FUT is generally performed in patients over 25 as hair loss patterns can be less predictable among younger demographics.
  • You still have hair. Patients who are completely bald are not eligible for FUT hair transplant surgery as it requires harvesting live follicles from a portion of the scalp not affected by hair loss.
  • Your scalp is healthy. Patients with scarring alopecia, dermatitis, a soft scalp, or other skin conditions that affect the scalp may not be suitable for this treatment method.

Dr. Gaines would be happy to discuss your treatment options and eligibility at our office in Gainesville, FL.

Is Hair Loss Curable?

That answer depends on the cause of hair loss. In some patients, hair loss is highly treatable and responsive to the right treatment. In other cases, cosmetic treatments can restore the look of fullness in some areas. However, some types of hair loss cannot be reversed, so patients should focus their efforts on preserving their remaining hair, reducing shedding, and finding cosmetic enhancements that boost their confidence.

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