How Long Does a BOTOX® Lip Flip Last?

If you’ve been looking for a natural-looking, approachable way to get fuller, plumper-looking lips, a BOTOX® Cosmetic lip flip might be just the thing. Like lip filler injections, lip flip injections are non-surgical and non-invasive.

However, instead of working their magic by adding volume to the lip, they leverage the power of BOTOX Cosmetic to help relax the upper lip muscles. This allows the upper lip to “flip” naturally and lift upward over a few days to a week, creating a softer, poutier, more pillowy look.

But how long does a BOTOX lip flip last? What should you expect when getting one, and how can you know whether it’s a good solution for you? Here’s a closer look at what you need to know.

How Long Does a BOTOX Lip Flip Last?

The longevity of a BOTOX lip flip can vary from patient to patient, and for most people, results last for three to four months. However, some people find their results last up to six months.

Comparatively speaking, lip fillers last around four to six months. However, results are more dramatic, while lip flips may better fit patients seeking a more subtle, natural effect.

Intermittent touch-ups can help sustain your results without having to fully revert back to your pre-BOTOX lips.

What Should I Expect When Getting a BOTOX Lip Flip?

Your doctor will perform your lip flip by injecting between four and six units of BOTOX into the muscle structure of your upper lip. Pain is minimal. However, some patients may notice tiny bumps or minimal bruising at the injection site.

Results take a few days to appear, so you likely won’t notice a significant difference immediately after getting your flip. However, you should be relatively gentle with your lips. Don’t press, push, or pick at them. You should also avoid making dramatic faces, kissing, massaging the area, or sleeping with your face pressed against the pillow.

Is a BOTOX Lip Flip Right for Me?

Although lip fillers are still common, lip flips are becoming popular, especially among those who prefer a more natural, less dramatic result. The benefits of choosing one include:

  • Results that maximize the beauty of your natural lip shape
  • Non-surgical, safe, fast procedures
  • Bonus reduction in the appearance of frown lines around the lips
  • Quick recovery that makes it easy to get back to your life
  • Cost-effective lip augmentation

Lip flips can also be adjusted slightly to address a gummy smile, so you should discuss your cosmetic goals with a skilled surgeon like Dr. Gaines, who can help you choose the perfect treatments for your desired aesthetic results.

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