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Liposuction can remove excess fat and restore youthful contours to different areas of the body. Dr. Gaines can use liposuction to treat the abdomen, buttocks, hips, thighs, and upper arms. It only leaves slight scarring.

At Gaines Plastic Surgery we perform liposuction here in our outpatient operating rooms. Patients come in, and it’s typically a fairly short procedure. It’s an operation that will take anywhere from one to two hours. Patients go home afterwards, and follow-up or recovery is pretty short. Patients are usually back at work within a week or so, but will typically need to wear a compression garment of some sort for up to six weeks. It’s important to understand that liposuction is not a weight loss procedure. Liposuction is intended for problem areas. There may be areas where people have been trying to lose weight. They’ve lost weight in lots of other areas, but they have this one problem area that sticks around. It’s very nice as a sculpting tool in that case, and really that’s the ideal use for liposuction. If they have love handles or a little area in the medial thigh or the lateral thigh for a lot of women, that’s an area that responds really nicely to liposuction. And that’s really the ideal use for this technology. Patients are typically back to full activity within three to four weeks. Here at Gaines Plastic Surgery we have financing options available through CareCredit. It’ll allow patients to finance the procedures that we do through this clinic for up to six months with no interest.

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