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Breast Reduction Testimonial

A mother shares her breast reduction testimonial. She says she experienced a boost in self-confidence following the procedure. She also enjoys her new wardrobe options.

Dr. Gaines and his staff are amazing. I did a lot of research about where I wanted to go get the procedure done, and from the time that I walked through the door through the post-op procedures, everything has just been amazing. The staff is friendly. Dr. Gaines is amazing and very knowledgeable. And I have had all of my questions answered, and more. I decided to get a breast reduction because I am an active mom of three little ones. I have three children under the age of five, so I’m running around all the time. And I always had back pain. I never felt that I could just really be free and doing what I wanted to do with my kids because I was always really self-conscious about the way I look. I can wear awesome clothes that fit me now. I can run around the park with my kids, without feeling like I have to be strapped down in three sports bras. And it’s made my perspective about myself that much more positive, which makes me a better mom for my kids. I would definitely recommend Gaines Plastic Surgery to everyone that I meet.

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