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Breast Augmentation Surgery

Dr. Gaines discusses breast augmentation surgery. He will help you decide on what size and shape will complement your figure best. Dr. Gaines and his entire staff will be with you throughout the whole process.

Here at Gaines Plastic Surgery we typically perform a breast augmentation on a patient who is either small breasted, or they may have breast asymmetry. A lot of folks are uncomfortable with their breast being out of proportion with the rest of their physique. The operation is performed as an outpatient procedure here at our in-house operating suites. It’s a fairly short operation. Typically, an hour or less. A small incision is made beneath the breast, and either a silicone or a saline breast implant is placed either under the muscle or under the breast, depending upon the patient and the indication. But most people can be back at work within a week or so after the procedure, if not less. There obviously is a little bit of discomfort in the early days right after the procedure. And most of the time, swelling after the procedure can last up to two weeks. Most people, like I said, could be back in formal wear or swim wear, something more revealing within a couple of weeks. Then the breasts will start to look more like they’re going to look long-term. Breast augmentation patients, for us, are really probably some of our happiest patients. It’s a nice procedure, and the results are fairly predictable. I think patients, like I said, they’re very satisfied. Here at Gaines Plastic Surgery we have financing options available through CareCredit. We’ll allow patients to finance the procedures that we do through this clinic for up to six months with no interest.

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