The aging process can have dramatic effects on your appearance. Skin laxity, fat accumulation, and a weakening of the facial muscles are just some of the common issues that can diminish the youthful beauty of your appearance. All of these issue can have a major impact on your self-esteem.

Individual suffering from the effects of aging can greatly benefit from a facelift. This surgical procedure focuses on correcting the source of your aesthetic issues to ensure you receive long-lasting results.

During your facelift, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Greg Gaines will carefully remove the excess tissue and fat from your face and will correct any weakened facial muscles. This creates a rejuvenated and natural-looking appearance.

Dr. Gaines specializes in the facelift procedure and will carefully examine your condition to ensure that he provides results that satisfy your aesthetic needs. Contact Gaines Plastic Surgery to schedule a consultation for your facelift.