Eyelid Surgery for Obscured Vision

54699442 At Gaines Plastic Surgery, we have helped countless paints in and around the greater Gainesville area achieve their aesthetic goals. Many times this involves facial plastic surgery and other options for anti-aging and wrinkle reduction. Facial rejuvenation surgeries aren’t just for cosmetic enhancement, however. Sometimes they can be performed for medical matters. Such is the case with eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), which can address vision problems caused by the upper eyelid.

Can my upper eyelid really obscure my vision that much?


Sometimes the issue is related to advanced age. Over time, the skin of the upper eyelid can droop down, blocking out part of a person’s vision. This can become so severe that it is difficult to do many simple tasks that you would otherwise take for granted.

In other cases, people may have issues with their upper eyelid throughout their lives. In such cases, the issue has to do with the nature of the upper eyelid fold, which is congenital and possibly linked to a person’s ethnic background. The person may have eyes that are narrower or squinty in nature, which means that their vision is affected by the size of their eyes.

Ideal Candidates for Upper Eyelid Surgery

The best candidates for upper eyelid surgery for vision correction are people who have issues with their upper eyelids that lead to impaired vision. Whether age-related or genetically related, eyelid surgery can be quite helpful.

It’s also important for candidates be in relatively good health and not suffer from any kinds of systemic conditions that would make surgery a medical risk. Realistic expectations are also important to have when it comes to eyelid surgery, including knowledge of the risks and benefits of the procedure and the side effects that are part of the recovery process.

Will my medical insurance cover the procedure?

In some cases, medical insurance will cover the cost of an eyelid surgery done for medically necessary reasons related to your vision. It’s important that you check with your insurance provider since insurance policies vary as do the stipulations of coverage.

Other Payment Options to Consider for Eyelid Surgery

If your medical insurance does not cover the eyelid surgery, you can also consider flex spending accounts (FSAs) if they are available through your employer. Monthly financing is also available, which functions much like a credit card or a traditional loan.

What to Expect During the Eyelid Surgery Itself

The eyelid surgery will be performed under general anesthetic in order to prevent pain and anxiety for the patient. Your surgeon will make an incision along the upper eyelid, and through this incision the surgeon will remove excess skin to prevent sagging. If a patient’s eyes are naturally narrow, the surgeon will adjust the upper eyelid fold in order to widen the patient’s eyes.

Surgical incisions will be carefully concealed along the eyelid fold, which means that scarring will be difficult to notice once the patient is fully recovered.

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