Breast Implant Profiles: How They Affect Augmentation Surgery Results

43560553 At Gaines Plastic Surgery here in Gainesville, we have helped countless patients achieve their aesthetic goals. One of the most common surgeries we perform is breast augmentation, which can enhance the bustline and curves in a dramatic way.

Dr. Greg Gaines achieves excellent results through breast augmentation surgery because of his careful consideration of all factors that go into surgery. One of these important factors is the profile of the breast implants that are used. Many patients are unaware of implant profiles and what role they play in surgery, so we’d like to cover that matter right now.

What is breast implant profile?

Breast implant profile refers to the forward or outward projection of the breast implants. This determines how much cleavage is produced or prominence is created when breast implants are placed.

Why is breast implant profile so important?

Many people place a premium on breast implant size as the primary factor that affect the results of breast augmentation surgery. While the size of the implants does make a major difference, the profile of the breast implants plays a major role as well. Sometimes a woman can achieve better results by having a different implant profile rather than simply getting a bigger or smaller breast implant that is a standard profile.

There are three primary kinds of breast implant profiles. Let’s go over each kind right now.

Low Profile Breast Implants

Low profile breast implants are implants that have the least amount of forward projection to them. In many cases, these kinds of breast implants are ideal for patients who have broader frames.

Moderate Profile Breast Implants

Moderate profile breast implants are the standard profile. They produce a baseline for which other profiles are measured and they also offer good results in general for most patients depending on their aesthetic goals.

High Profile Breast Implants

High profile breast implants produce the most forward projection from breast augmentation. They tend to be best for women who have slighter or narrower frames.

(Note: Moderate plus profiles are also available for breast implants. This is an intermediate profile between moderate profile implants and high profile implants.)

Assessing Size, Shape, and Profile for Breast Augmentation Surgery

When Dr. Gaines meets with your for a breast augmentation consultation, he will be sure to consider the profile of the breast implants in combination with the size of the implants, the shape of the implants, and even the placement and composition of the implants. Only by considering all of these factors together can the best possible results be achieved.

Tailoring Your Surgery to Meet Your Needs

You’ll note that we accounted for different body types while describing some of the breast implant profiles, and that is a factor that cannot be taken for granted. Breast augmentation really needs to be tailored to the needs of patients, which means careful customization and consideration of your needs and your goals. Ideally, we want to achieve results that look great and natural on you.

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