Why Are More Men Choosing Botox?

When it comes to beauty standards, skin care is usually positioned as a concern for women. But for our male clients at Gaines Plastic Surgery, caring for their skin and maintaining a youthful look is just as important. Whether it is a skincare product or a cosmetic procedure like Botox, the treatments are the same for every person, regardless of gender. 

Botox is administered as a series of small injections around the face, eyes, and forehead. It targets the nerve receptors in our muscle tissues. The treatment can help relax the facial muscles and creates a smoother look as it reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and other trademark signs of aging. Sex and gender do not determine the results. 

Beating the Male Aging Process

Just as skincare knows no gender, neither does the aging process. Men experience fine lines, wrinkles, and creases as they age. While older men are often labeled as “silver foxes”, not everyone likes the seasoned look of an older age. Feeling confident and self-assured can impact a man in every area of life, including his career, family, and romantic relationships. Botox is an easy way to address these common signs of aging while offering a boost in self-confidence. 

Managing Different Physical Conditions

Botox injections are not always for aesthetic reasons. The injectables can be used to manage numerous physical conditions that might impact a person’s quality of life. Excessive sweating can be diagnosed medically as hyperhidrosis, which can be controlled with Botox by blocking signals that control overworked sweat glands. It has also become a popular treatment for migraines and other forms of headaches. 

Should You Try Botox?

Our male clients choose Botox for the same reasons that female clients would: To feel more confident and comfortable in their own skin. Minimally-invasive and low maintenance, the treatment can serve a wide variety of purposes.

Dr. Gaines and our team of professional aestheticians are here to answer your questions, discuss your desired outcomes, and eliminate the social stigma around male skincare routines. Call our Gainesville, Florida, office at 352-333-9600 or visit us online at gainesvilleplastic.com to book your consultation today!

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