BodyTite and Liposuction

Many people find getting rid of stubborn body fat around the midsection and abdomen challenging. Even after reaching a healthy weight goal, this stubborn body fat can keep you from achieving the sculpted and toned look you want.

Liposuction is well established as a safe and very effective way to permanently get rid of this body fat and help achieve a slimmer or sculpted look. During the procedure, generally performed using anesthesia, your surgeon inserts a thin cannula through small incisions around your abdomen. This cannula prepares the fat cells and, using suction, removes them from your body.

The incisions will generally heal to be very faint, if not invisible. While liposuction is very successful at removing significant amounts of body fat, some may be concerned the fat removal will result in loose and sagging skin.

Since liposuction alone does very little to address loose skin, this can be the result if a lot of fat is removed. Many people opt to have a tummy tuck performed simultaneously to address this. While this does allow for only one surgery to be performed, a tummy tuck is moderately invasive.

BodyTite is a new procedure that can help resolve concerns about loose skin after liposuction while avoiding a tummy tuck. Whether performed alone or at the same time as a liposuction procedure, the BodyTite procedure uses a tiny cannula to destroy and remove the fat just below the skin’s surface, which often prevents it from tightening.

The BodyTite device then uses radiofrequency energy to gently heat the layers of the skin, which further dissolves remaining fat cells and generates collagen that makes the skin more elastic, causing it to contract.

Although it may not deliver the same level of removal of sagging and loose skin as a tummy tuck, there are fewer complications or adverse reactions risks. The tiny incisions also heal, often to become nearly invisible, while a tummy tuck frequently leaves a long scar.

Don’t let the fear of loose or sagging skin keep you from losing excess and stubborn body fat. Dr. Gaines and the team at Gainesville Plastic Surgery in Gainesville, FL, can work with you to develop a liposuction treatment plan and help determine if adding BodyTite can bring you the aesthetic changes you want.

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