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A Tummy Tuck Experience

A patient discusses her tummy tuck experience at our practice. She says that everyone involved with the practice made her feel comfortable when she went into the clinic. She recommends Gaines Plastic Surgery to anyone interested in a cosmetic surgery procedure.

It was my second child. I gained almost 60 pounds, and then after I had her, I had lots and lots of loose skin left. And it became really apparent to me that it was never [laughs] going to come off with working out. I could go to the gym all day long, and I was always going to have this loose skin. I was having to wear undergarments underneath everything. And so, I decided to come in and have a tummy tuck. They made me feel so comfortable from every single time I had to come in. From the first time of the consult, everyone in the practice just made me feel so comfortable, and I loved coming here. It was actually amazing. I came in and, of course, I was very nervous the day of surgery. And they made me feel so comfortable coming into surgery. My results were everything that I wanted. I couldn’t have asked for better results. Now I feel completely confident. I can wear bikinis again. I can actually wear little shirts that show my stomach again. So I couldn’t have asked for better results. My overall experience here was definitely amazing, I would say. I would come back, and I would recommend them to anybody who was looking for a tummy tuck, any procedures. They are definitely the best staff, and I had the best experience.

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