Minimize Pain and Improve Body Contour with Breast Reduction Surgery

Woman experiencing neck pain It seems as though few women are naturally blessed with a bust line that meets up to her personal ideals. While some women complain that their breasts are too small, others are concerned that their breasts are too large. Unfortunately, overly large breasts are far more than a cosmetic concern. Without proper body proportion, large, heavy breasts can cause a number of issues. Women with large breasts often live with physical pain and emotional discomfort. Breast reduction surgery eliminates excessive breast tissue to give women smaller breasts that are better suited to their body frame.

Plastic surgeon Greg Gaines offers breast reduction candidates a safe and effective way to reduce back, neck, and shoulder pain, while also gaining the confidence that comes from having a beautiful, well-proportioned body. To find out if you are a good candidate for breast reduction, contact our Gainesville, FL practice today.

Is Breast Reduction Right for Me?

Any patient who is concerned that her breasts are too large and heavy may be a potential candidate for breast reduction surgery. Patients who are especially likely to benefit from the results of breast reduction include those who have experienced any of the following:

  • Frequent neck, back, or shoulder pain as a result of heavy breasts
  • Indentations left along the shoulders from bra straps digging into the skin
  • Skin rashes or irritation beneath the breasts
  • Breasts that droop or point downward because of their weight
  • Poor posture due to breast size and weight
  • Uneven body proportions
  • Asymmetrical breasts (one is larger than the other)
  • Embarrassment or emotional discomfort associated with the appearance of the breasts
  • Physical limitations (such as difficulty exercising or participating in other strenuous activities)

No woman should have to live with these physical and emotional disadvantages. Anyone who has experienced any of the above difficulties should meet with Dr. Gaines to learn if breast reduction surgery is right for them. As long as a patient is free of medical conditions or health problems that would increase the risks of surgery, she should be an ideal candidate for breast reduction. Because dense, heavy breasts can be such a physical burden, many patients find that they are eligible for coverage from their insurance provider.

Benefits of Breast Reduction

For those patients who are able to undergo breast reduction surgery, the benefits are numerous. Once excessive breast tissue has been removed, patients find that they look and feel better. The shape and lift of the breasts is enhanced, and overall body proportions are improved. What most patients find even more beneficial is that they experience a significant reduction in neck, back, and shoulder pain. Additionally, with improved body proportions, most women find that they are able to resume a more active lifestyle, and feel more confident doing it.

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If you have experienced physical pain or emotional discomfort due to the size of your breasts, and would like to learn how breast reduction surgery can help you lead a more active and fulfilling life, contact us at your earliest convenience. Dr. Greg Gaines is happy to answer any questions you may have regarding breast reduction surgery.

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